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Pairing : Lucius/Regulus
Warning : Not worksafe.
Notes: Heh. This was inspired again by moshi's Almost Perfect from way back and for the love for what ever it is good out there, my lovely lj won't still accept or show the cut were it is. It used to work though. Hmms. But it's here -> http://mosh.slashcity.net/almostperfect.htm.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I had to take a snap shot of my hand to finally finish it since I'd been whigning about it for quite some time now. This is just some WIP for my copy. =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And yes, doodling Regulus is iagos_musings's fault. ;-)
Finish the fic and I'll give you, your the doodle. *sticks tongue out*
That's awesome Shan! I like it and I'll finish it soon, I promise. -Snickers-
*giggles too* Good. I'll be coloring it today then. ;-) Thanks for liking it. I suck at clothings soo... Heh. And I'd been wanting to do that Luci/Reg doodle for ages. =).
(Deleted comment)
Wheee!!!! I'm glad you liked it! I'd been wanting to make this doodle for quite sometime now and I'm just glad it's finally done and hopefully a bit worthy of your ficlet. ^_^. I love your writing! Thank you! <3!