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Pairing : Sirius/Very young!Regulus
Warnings : Err, none? I think it's worksafe
Notes : I'd been looking at naughtync17rper's some anime lineart that's why it looks mostly like that. She's one of the sweetest person that influence me with trying new things out, specially in this new hobby of mine. ^_^. Thanks love! <3!!

Regulus Black.: only when you have time, a request?
Sirius Black : Request away!
Regulus Black.: Sirius sitting and holding Regulus in his lap with his arms wrapped around him..and Regulus smiling..Well I'd like something like that..Maybe just to depict the beauty in Regulus when he's happy around Sirius..?
Regulus Black.: The start of it..
Sirius Black: Haha
Sirius Black: That's what I have here somehwere
Regulus Black.: Really?
Sirius Black: One of the things I was looking for earlier.
Sirius Black: Yep.
Regulus Black.: Awe!
Daniel Radcilffe (daniel_radcliffe_2006) joined the room
Regulus Black.: Yay!
Sirius Black: But!
Regulus Black.: What?
Sirius Black: It's not G.
Sirius Black: Hehe
Regulus Black.: Hehehe.
Sirius Black giggles,
Sirius Black: I'll try to change it.
Regulus Black.: Ok! Or..if not..maybe the same senario except Regulus is laying on the floor on his back underneath Sirius..?
Sirius Black chuckles more.
Regulus Black.: Stop thinking dirty!
Sirius Black.: Ahahaha!


Shan, you rock!!! Hmm... *thinks of all the requestable items, and possible payment* Hmm...

I love your talent. T_T *gets a brilliant idea, that will be discussed later* Woot!

Don't stop drawing kiddo, or I'll stalk you... XD
*giggles insanely* Ooooh. My first stalker! I think I'll have you as my pet! *smooshes* Heh. Those talent belongs to the people who share theirs (arts/fics/ideas) in the first place. I've learned from them and hopefully someday I might get my own charie. ^_^

Thanks for sticking around! *gets really curious about those ideas* I hope it's about the marauders. I love being force to do them. ;-).

thinks of all the requestable items, and possible payment*
Payments will be discuss, a full monty would suffice though. ;-) Just kidding!

See you around, mate!
Oh my God honey, those are GORGEOUS. Really, I think those are my favorite drawings you've done sofar. Absolutely beautiful!!

You go on with your bad self ;) Smooches!
Wheee!!!! I was inspired by your lines! You have such fine ones that usually after I get over my insecurities, I try to mimic you since I can't have those hands of yours. ^_^. You should draw more and inspire the wannabe artist like me! ^_^. Love you hon!!! *huggles and kisses*
These are really beautiful :)
*giggles* Thank you! It's Ang's fault this time though. Heh.
So many to blame :) I blame your talent! ;)
Wow, you rock!
*stares dumbfounded at your icon*
My Lucius is in love with that icon, Mage.
Thanks!!! I can't stop looking at that icon!!!
My god Shan! Those are so amazing, thank you! -Loves all over- You rock.
Glad you like it! Where's the fic!!!!!!!! Demands you finish it! ;-); *slobbers all over*
Guess who...

Tis Ang. I don't really use LJ anymore but I'm around. Look for a51stcenturyboy on AIM or on Yahoo. I miss you like whoa. I'd LOVE to hear from you.