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For petalla's supposedly her Marauders' dream team. Hehe. ^_^

You're porbably one of those people that I won't be able to meet in person in this lifetime but... you sure are in my dreams. ;-P. <333!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I suck at backgrounds still, and the brushes that I've downloaded won't work at PS CS 8.

Hope you like it! *<333333333333333!*

Enjoy all!

Random stuff, don't mind this.

And earlier, while I was rampaging for my little ones lost book, a much needed for her assignment is in there,then I found it! Not the book though. Heh. But Yay! I found the hard copy of Rave's Nightswimming! Thank God, I'm one of those pathetic people who print stuff to have a copy of her favorite stories and read them at her way home. My brother said, I could have it book bind already from the loads of print outs that I have accumulated the past years. Hehe. I'm just kiddy that I found the copy of it. I've been looking for it for four months!

There was this kid, a nine year old, I think, who always stay a few mins looking over in my table, when ever I'm in the shop just to watch me color this, and he would say, "I've seen that one, aren't you finish yet?" I would stop and stare at him. He would simply ignore me and just look at the drawing. "Go on", he would say and I would just bite my lower lip and count. Hehe. But he is right. I've been dawdling in finishing this, everytime I get stuck for like an eternity my and perhaps that kid's eyes. XD. And this is just a simple pose.

Leo teased me that Ewan has a cleft chin sooo...
Ooooh I love how this turned out. The coloring is wonderful. I also like their eyes. They're so pretty. I'm really liking this. Thanks so much for posting it up. Remus has a quite a few buttons undone. Tehe.
Oh Thank you love!!!! *giggles about the Remus comment* Yeah, that one is unintentional, I was trying to give them some neck tie and such but it wasn't working. ^_^
OMG this is great! You put so much work into this, and it really shows! Awesome colouring Shan :D
Thank you love!!!! Yeah, took me a while since I have no idea what I was doing or what I want in the first place. ;-).
Your Peter looks a little bit like Beans from Even Stevens, but actually, the one I have of him looks like Beans too. Beans should so play Peter in that flash back scene in ootp.
My brain is still somewhere in the gutter and just for the love of Peter, I can't see beans yet in my head, maybe later when it's starts working I will get it. ^_^. Thanks!

But.. I will probably agree with yah since I made that Peter face up unlike those three. ^_^;
This is really amazing, Shan. I'm going to treasure this forever!
I still can't believe that conversation sparked so much beauty.

Love ya!
Yay! *beams and claps* At least I know, I did a doddle that is that worthy of being treasured!

Simple conversation are always the ones that gets to me. Those itsy bits has a loud ring in my head and it stays it there until I do something about it. Heh.
You know? I was just reading the comments, and I was thinking that it might be fun to have people try to guess who the people are in the "dream team." I would be interested in seeing who they thought the actors would be?
this is beautiful! everything is so rich. thanks! M
Wheee!!!v Thank you so much!
the drawing is amazing! and the coloring - WOW! I like their hair & clothes. The use of shades and highlights is very, very good!
oh, and Remus is hot! <3 ;D
Thank you so much! It still needs a bit of worlk though. -its one of my first- =) Thanks for liking it!
That's an awesome drawing of the Marauders! Extremely well done! ^_^

Selig sei und Liebe,
Where are you, love???????????????????????