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Happy New Year to all.

Took me an hour to freaking remember the password and almost gave up to just make a new one. O_O

Newbie again...
O.OCollapse )
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I know I owe a bunch of people some doodle and my list seemed to be missing. =( If you guys are still around somewhere, have a heart to drop a line on what I owe you and will start on it as soon as I can? -goofy face- Heh.
One afternoon.Collapse )
Blames the rain here for this one and yes, I'll be spamming this LJ for Snucius for a while.Collapse )
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playing with the brushes...Collapse )
I have a dirty mind...Collapse )
Blames Iago for some reason. :-) Collapse )
Just one of those things again.Collapse )