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Happy New Year to all.

Took me an hour to freaking remember the password and almost gave up to just make a new one. O_O

Newbie again...
Happy New Year! :D
I love that you're still here. =D <333
*hugs* I love that you're back!!! <3

I'm still here! I've just flitted around to other fandoms, but I'm still the same weird me! LOL
When I saw you, I was gonna say, I.love.you., cause that's the first thing that came to my head for my appreciation that you.are.still.here!, then hesitated it might sound weird/creppy after these years, lmao.

I only have my own weird/silly/twisted/dirty imagination and memories to comfort me these past years when the internet was gone, so I hope, I can read again...
Welcome back darlin!